The Power of Good Photography: What Makes a Good Photo?

Example of a Very, Very Good Photograph

Photography – without it, our kitchen design/remodeling world would be a drab and dull place indeed.  

Think how closely aligned our business is to the fashion industry. We use the same lingo:  we’re kitchen designers, they’re fashion designers. We create and follow trends, as does the fashion world. Our work is called style, we probably “borrowed” it from fashion. Entire websites and magazines are devoted to our work and to their work.  And we both sell the same things: beauty, glamour, luxury, romance, sex. And all of us would be lost without photography. 

Yet, unlike the world of fashion, many kitchen designers do not appreciate or understand the power of photography. They think a quick snap with their cell phone and they’re good. Not so fast. As a business, you have to showcase images that help you stand out from the crowd.

Great photography can mean the difference between “just ok” and great. In fact, it can make or break your sales and marketing efforts. Think how you come across to your prospects:  If you look cheap, expect people to start by asking, “how much?” If you convey quality, you will attract customers who value quality AND are willing to pay for it. Low quality photos translate to low quality workmanship. 

You want your photographs to capture images that will help support and grow your brand and tell a visual story of who you are. People shopping for a new kitchen or bath need to see photos to stir their imagination. Most people do not have the ability to visualize what their new space will look like. That’s why exploded when it appeared – it fulfills the need of homeowners who want to SEE what their remodels will look like. 

What goes into making a kitchen photo good or not-so-good? Take a look at the white kitchen in the photo scroll above. This is a good photograph. Let's look at why it's good. 

You can see this is a long, narrow, galley kitchen and yet from the angle chosen by the photographer, you can clearly see all elements of the room - sink, stove and fridge, even a section of the hood. You are invited into the scene to explore the rooms beyond the kitchen. You’re enticed and intrigued. The lighting is kept basic to add drama. The simplicity of the design is further enhanced by the minimal styling - two colored vases provide a contrast to the white of the cabinets, countertops and backsplash. Everything is balanced nicely and in proportion; no one element overpowers the shot. This is a great photo, the kind that tells a story, invites you in and makes you want to learn more.

Photography creates instant reactions. It can be used to portray a product or a lifestyle. You can use photography in print and / or online to convey your message in the first few seconds, thus compelling people to take a closer look.
Our industry is highly visual. People are highly visual. We all require photographs to help us experience our world, market our products and sell our services. As the old saying goes: sell the sizzle, not the steak. And your photos are the sizzle.