Keep Your New Cabinets Looking Like New

Your kitchen remodel is finally complete  - congratulations! As you admire your beautiful new cabinets the thought hits you: how are you going to keep everything looking like it does right now – brand new, shiny, perfect?

Care of your new cabinets doesn’t have to be complex, but there are some serious rules about how to keep them looking like new. Most of these are common sense, but it doesn’t hurt to lay it all out for your peace of mind.

The main thing to remember is that water is not a friend of your cabinets’ finish. Thus Rule #1 is:

Wipe up water spots as they happen. You want to keep the cabinets dry. This is especially true around the sink. Dry surfaces immediately with a soft cloth. You will want to have a supply of microfiber cloths on hand.

Wait, there’s more to Rule #1 – Don’t drape damp cloths or dishtowels over cabinet doors. The moisture can cause permanent damage.

Rule #2. Something like tomato sauce or oatmeal has splattered on your cabinet doors and sides. Don’t panic. Rule #2, similar to Rule #1, to the rescue: Wipe up the splatter / spill immediately, then clean as needed with a lint free (microfiber) cloth. Use a mild detergent and warm water.

Here’s the thing to remember about cleaning up food spills: Do not use products with bleach, ammonia or abrasive additives. Don’t use your dishcloth or sponge – it could contain grease that will make things worse.  NEVER USE SCOURING PADS, STEEL WOOL OR POWDERED CLEANERS. NEVER.

We know never is a long time, but using any of these things on your cabinets is the kiss of death.  Prévo cabinet finishes are guaranteed for a lifetime, but not if any of these products has damaged them.

Rule #3. Heat is also not a friend of cabinet finishes. Therefore, Rule #3 states: Don’t place small kitchen appliances, like toasters and toaster ovens, where the heat comes in contact with cabinet surfaces.  If you have a tall pantry cabinet or a wall cabinet that comes down to the countertop, don’t get the toaster too close to the sides. And even though there’s no direct contact, don’t put the heat producing appliances under wall cabinets. Just to be safe.

Rule #4 -This is another one with a “never”:  NEVER use waxes or polishes on your beautiful Prévo cabinets. The build-up over time will dull the finish, something you do not want. And again, your lifetime warranty will not cover this type of damage.

Rule #5.  Be sure to share the cleaning cautions with the cleaning service that takes care of your home, if you have one.  Most of them walk around the house with a spray bottle of a chemical cleaner, and spray and wipe as they go. You don’t want this stuff sprayed on your cabinets – it will leave streaks and ultimately a build-up that ruins the finish.  Remind them frequently if you see any evidence that they “forgot.” (Experience speaking.) 

Rule #6. If your cabinets are not smooth, flat panels, you can clean the door and drawer details with a micro fiber duster. It will trap dust perfectly. Just don’t spray the cabinets or the duster with anything!

You can spray and wipe your cabinet interiors. Cabinet interiors are sealed veneers and can withstand moisture. The cabinets where you keep your trash and recycling receptacles will definitely need wiping down regularly. Just don't get cleaning solutions on the front of your cabinets. And don't use abrasive cleaners or cleaning pads. Gently does it. 

And that’s it. As we said at the beginning – common sense. Your new cabinets are wood so no heat and no water. The finish has an extremely durable top coat that can withstand a lot, but if cleaning products are used on it, eventually the finish will dull, so no chemicals on your finish. Mild dish soap and water only. Use nothing that could scratches the finish. Soft microfiber clothes and dusters only. The end.