The Joy of Double Trash Pull-Outs

Tis the season for joy. And if you’ve ever had to live without double trash pull-outs with soft close, you have had no joy, trust me when I tell you this.

There is nothing fun or sexy about trash, and yet we spend a lot of time dealing with it. Especially if you live in an area where you can recycle, then you’re dealing with the separating and sorting of that process. Thus the importance of having two trash bins in your pull-out.

Nothing can ruin your new kitchen faster than not having enough space allocated to trash. Trash is mundane and boring – a necessary evil, if you will. As one happy homeowner stated for our informal survey of happy homeowers: “You totally take the two trash bin system for granted once you have it. But if you don’t have it, you will regret it forever.” Well said.

Not all trash storage systems are created equal. We here at Prévo have spent hours researching and experimenting to find the best system to go into our cabinets. And when the engineering types (read “men”) have made their decision, we women step in and add our practical two cents worth and recommend the ones that are easy: easy to open and close, easy to replace the bags, easy to clean.

Trash is dirty. Does that even need to be said? Ideally you want to be able to access the trash pull-outs and give them a good wipe down without having to stand on your head or dis-assemble the entire mechanism.

After our experimenting and discussions, we all agree that the wire frame support system is the one we want to go into Prévo cabinets.

OK, so you forget to wipe off your trash cans regularly. Or just don’t do it. That’s where the beauty of the minimal wire frame pull-out comes it. Any miscellaneous gunk that misses the trash can either falls to the bottom of the cabinet or onto the floor where it can easily be wiped up, or there’s a couple drips and drops on the wire. Again, easily cleaned.

One configuration you do not want (shown above with the red slash through it) is the one where your trash receptacles – although bringing you joy with the double pull-outs – sit inside wooden cut-outs. Prévo used to make these because consumers wanted wood, wood and more wood in their kitchens. Wire was cheap looking and flimsy back then. Although the desire for wood was satisfied, the reality of living with this configuration soon proved to be unpleasant. Notice all the surface area that is available for gunk to accumulate on. And after going on photo shoots hoping to get a photo of the lovely wood pull-outs we made and then seeing the smelly, sticky, yukky stuff on the wood after people actually lived with this pull-out system, we moved on to wire pull-out mechanisms for our trash pull-outs. Times have changed, and the wire pull-outs now are attractive and sturdy. Much, much better than they were back in the day.

Now it’s possible to get the cabinet door behind which your trash pull-outs reside to open with a push from your knee or a kick with your foot – no more nasty hands touching the pull or knob when you’ve got a deposit for the trash bin. You can get metal trash receptacles. You can get lids for said receptacles. Trash pull-out systems come in different widths so that even the most space-challenged kitchen layout can experience the joy of double pull-outs. Some lucky homeowners with large kitchens have several of the double pull-outs for advanced recycling: cardboard, plastic, glass and paper.

Many, many options from many, many suppliers are available when it comes to trash pull-outs. Your Prévo designer/dealer can – and will -- help you narrow down your options. He or she will ask you, among other questions, how fastidious you are, how much trash you produce, how you recycle.  But remember you read it here: Go for the wire frame work with two receptacles, one for trash and one for recycling. Let the joy of double trash pull-outs be with you all year long.