More Smart Appliances - Dacor & Samsung

Smart appliances continue to get "brainier." The subject of smart appliances is not static; it’s continuously changing and evolving as appliance manufacturers introduce new, improved and brainier products. We’ll update it here when we have something new and interesting to report. (Isn’t that what blogs are for?)

Recent ads ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, TRADITIONAL HOME and HOUSE BEAUTIFUL revealed some note-worthy smart products from manufacturers we know.


Dacor has introduced voice-activated kitchen technology as part of its Dacor iQ Remote App.  Think of it: voice controlled ranges. Was it that long ago that self-cleaning ovens were a big deal? Now with any smart phone or tablet, you can accomplish tasks from afar; you can tell the IQ products what to do from virtually anywhere. This announcement is of interest because of the voice activation feature. For those of you who think typing on your phone is a real drag, now you can set your oven to pre-heat before you get home.

Are you getting an image of commuters on a train, all speaking into their phones, getting dinner started? Quiet car, please.

Also from Dacor – their color match technology lets you pick your range color. Okay, that’s nothing special, but they let you CUSTOM MATCH the color.  Send them a sample and they will match it. Imagine the possibilities! You can color match your stove to your favorite color or to your wall color or to your cabinet finish color. The range of available standard colors is meh – but with the color match process, the sky’s the limit. OOO – Sky Blue. Think we’ll go with that.


We’ve written briefly about the Samsung fridge before with its built-in cameras and touch screen apps. Smart Kitchens Continue To Get Smarter Here’s some additional information about this exciting new product and its amazing tech.

The Samsung “Family Hub” refrigerator has a 21-1/2” touchscreen that connects to your smart phone and lets you share family calendars, photos and notes, tap into your fav music and TV shows and make grocery shopping easier. You can use your phone to remotely look into your fridge. The Family Hub’s 3 interior cameras snap a picture every time the doors close. Also, the fridge acts as a digital cookbook – it accesses Allrecipes and gives cooking tips.

A review of the fridge revealed the good and the not-so-good features.  What’s good? It’s good-looking and it’s a full-featured fridge. The touchscreen and its apps are easy to use, and the camera feed is extremely useful with its clever drag-and-drop expiration trackers. (You can keep track of when your yogurt will pass best use-by date. Amazing.)

What’s not so good? You can't delete any of the touchscreen's apps, and you can't download new ones. There’s no voice control and the fridge is slightly less spacious than over high-end French door models.

Nobody NEEDS this fridge. But so what? We don’t buy things just because we NEED them; we buy things because we WANT them. And this great-looking, full-featured fridge with all the latest tech bells and whistles is a perfectly reasonable thing to want.

Starting at $5,600, the Samsung Family Hub is a good looking appliance that performs like the high-end fridge that it is. It's loaded with features you won't find anywhere else. There's really nothing else like the Family Hub Refrigerator, not even among smart fridges.You can read the full review here