Confessions of a Coffee Addict

There are as many ways to make “the perfect cup” of coffee as there are coffee drinkers, am I right? Some like their percolators, others the French press, Mr. Coffee is still hanging in there, the Keurig has its devotees, and I can’t do without my mini Espresso machine. For the more expert brewers, you can get a coffee maker with a menu-driven interface that works via touch screen controls – in 15 languages, no less -- is self-cleaning and has an LED lit work area, plus many more advanced features.  Whether your coffee brewing device is free-standing or built-in, one thing we can all agree on is that we love our coffee, and the day doesn’t begin until we’ve had at least one cup.

In the custom cabinetry universe, coffee stations are a thing. The idea behind the coffee station is to house all utensils and ingredients necessary for making coffee in one place, keeping the process simple and a no-brainer. At Prévo we’re happy to accommodate this trend by building the coffee station the exact size and configuration that will fit your space.

The photos accompanying this mini-blog show the many, many variations that coffee aficionados have devised. Everything you see here can be made by the experienced craftsmen at Prévo. Let us fit your space.